jueves, 1 de febrero de 2007

Al made me do this.

I'm not sure about this. Not sure at all.

A blog? I mean what is that?

Besides the fact that I don't know if I've actually set it up right and may find it resembles a porn site... or more likely a chat room for geeks (well a girl can dream) - I'm not actually sure anyone will want to read it. However, it saves on writing lots of emails saying the same thing; As well as having to make a conscious decision about who wants to read a mass email. And actually I´d quite like to keep a record of the things I am experiencing and my thoughts on this South American adventure. There I said it.

So here goes. Insecure panic attack over. I am becoming a blogger.

Al made me do it. So blame him.

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hiddenMan dijo...

While I may have been resonsible for the idea, I am in no way liable for any offence, tedium, outrage, disgust, shock, awe or nauseau caused by the contents. This blog is entrirely the work of the author, not me.